Altar Servers (English)

Daniel Hutton
     (760 987-0947

Art & Environment (Alter Society)

Theresa Anthony
     (760) 242-0869

Baptism Preparation

Preparing parents for the formation of their child’s faith.

The education of parents/godparents regarding the sacrament of baptism, along with the other 6 sacraments, it's history in Christianity, it's ties to Christ's passion, death and resurrection and the roles/responsibilities of the parents/godparents.
Inform and educate parents/godparents of children under 7 years of age, who desire their child/godchild baptized in the Catholic Church.
Heart Values
The importance of Baptism in our lives, the reasons why we baptize as Catholics, the graces associated with Baptism and 6 other sacraments, the association of Baptism with Lent and the "Mark" Baptism which allows the other sacraments to be received.

 Louis Lerma
                (760) 956-7348
                (760) 216-5976 

Tom Beck
               (760) 831-5378
               (760) 243-1535

 Deacon Manuel Gomez        
              (760) 885-0108|


Catholic Daughters of America

Diane Seville
          (760) 843-1850
          (760) 515-0484

Denise Green
           (760) 669-2687


Sunday 7:15 AM
Laura Samosir 
       (909) 644-6219

Brother (lay brother) Ignacius Sudol
  (When Available)

To see others join me to begin a mentoring process to raise up furher leaders so the church will continue to have music for the future.
Curretly Need A Piano Player

Saturday 5:00 PM

Small Faith Community Choir Vision And Mission Statement
We Believe that the music we sing, as a expression of our faith, is both a gift from and an offering to God.

We are called to express God's grace and love through song.
we believe that each singer has special gifts for the ministry of music.
We dedicate the gift of song to the glory of God.

Choir Photos

Couples for Christ

Foundations for Family and Life

Renewing the Family and
defending life.

We are evangelistic and missionary community committed to become families empowered by the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth.

We strive for holiness of life, as we commit to renew the temporal order through our work with the poor, our work for justice, and our work for life.  We are servant of the Church, working to renew her children through every generation and throughout the world, until the Lord returns once again.

Our Ministry Also includes:
Kids for Family and Life
Youth for Family and Life
Handmaids of the Lord
Servants of the Lord

Choir, 5pm Saturday Vigil Mass
Hospitality every 2nd Sunday
Monthly Prayer Assemblies every 3rd Saturday
Christian Life Seminar September-October every year.

For More Information  Contact:
Edgar Salazar
             (760) 881-3127

Cursillos de Cristiandad

Daniel Estrada (Coordinator)
           (760) 694-5368

Encuentro Matrimonial Mundia

Arlene Rico
        (760) 243-6272

Eucharistic Ministers

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion who serve the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass and to the sick and homebound.

The parish of St. Joan Of Arch has a well defined Eucharistic Ministry Program. Eucharistic Ministers of Holly Communion assist the priest at the celebration of the Eucharist (Mass) to distribute the body and blood of Christ to the faithful. We invite those members of the parish who feel "Called to Serve" in this Ministry to come forward and make your self known to the Director of Eucharistic Ministers. Certain requirements have to be met per directives of the Diocese of San Bernardino and our Bishop.

Charles Remley 760 887-2315

Eucharistic Ministers (Spanish)

M/M Juan Laura Torres (Coordinators)
       (760) 243-1669
       (760) 486-4697

Faith Formation

Alicia Lombardo
         (760) 245-1271

Yolanda Costilla
         (760) 963-2602

Finance Council

Advises the Pastor on financial approving the matters of the parish and school. Responsible for monitoring all income and expenses, and annual budgets.

Enrique Avelar
Laua de la Cruz
Joel Paz

Jovenes Para Cristo

Raymundo Barbosa  (Coordinator)
        (760) 956-0901

Knights of Columbus

Salvador Arredondo (Master Knight)
       (760) 951-0090
       (760) 927-9705

Ladies Guild

Theresa Sedeno  (Coordinator)
       (760) 963-9667

Grupo de Oracion "La Nueva"

M/M Carlos & Monica Fra
        (760) 524-7105
        (760) 241-9539


Alicia Barajas (Coordinator)
          (760) 617-7212
          (760) 245-9871


Reader who proclaim the Scriptures at Mass and other services.
Charles Remley
        (760) 887-2315

Lectors (Spanish

Jose Velasquez (Sub-Coordinator)
       (760) 596-8286

Ninos ParaCristo

Raul & Imelda Guevarra (Coordinators)

Prevencion y Rescate

Oralia Naranjo  (Coordinator)
       (760) 953-9843  
       (760) 241-2964   


Rite of Christian Initiation – preparation of adult candidates for Catholic sacraments.

Tim Rash
         (760) 403-2752
Why I am Catholic?


Duties include preparing the altar for Mass and cleaning the altar following Mass.

Daniel Hutton

Stations of the Cross

(See Bulletin)


Gloria Garcia-Garza
           (760) 951-8903
           (760) 964-6078


Volunteers who assist people to their seat if necessary. They also take up the collection.

Saturday 5:00 PM
John Z Rabiej
Robert "Bob" Ranft
Jim Manzer
Jim Hofmans
John Harasch
Maryadona Hawk

John Rabiej (Coordinator)
           (760) 246-7465

Sunday 7:15 AM
Frank Samosir (Coordinator)
        (760) 981-4087

Sunday 9:00 AM  (Spanish)
Victoriano Barbosa
         (760) 985-7816
         (760) 843-3794

Sunday 11:00 AM
Maria Libby
           (760) 388-5729
           (760) 680-0548

Sunday 1:00 PM
Evelyn Lopez
           (760) 221-7450

World Apostolate of Fatima

Ray Ontiveros
          (760) 245-8549
Our Lady of Fllatima









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